vervolg – II

Vervolg Herdenkingskaars II










Peter en Karin ,

Wij, Andre, Paula

Asrid ,Esther en Ingrid van Geffen

willen wij jullie de kracht en sterkte wensen

met het grote verlies van jullie zoon Jeroen.



Dear Karin,

There is nothing else I can say that hasn’t been said….

You, your family and Jeroen are in my thoughts constantly….

Stu (England)


Dearest Karin and Peter
We feel your pain and grieve with you. 

You are in our hearts and prays


love Carol and Donald Middleton,USA


Karin and Peter,

Words are difficult to express thoughts and feelings at this time.

 May Jeroen’s happy times be with you to help bolster your spirits.




I’m very sorry to hear this.  Your family is in my thoughts and
prayers.  I wish there was something else I could say or do.

Wayne Floyd,USA



To Karin & Family,

Your Jeroen was a brave & beautiful boy – the world will miss him.

Take Care of yourselves,

Kim in Massachusetts,USA








I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Jeroen was a special young man. I know
he’s been through a lot, but you’ve been a great mom! You’ll be in our prayers.

Stay strong,


Dear Karin,

When a parent looses a child it is so terribly devastating.  Words
simply cannot express our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you and
your family.

May you find peace.


Sue Hubbard,USA















Oh Karin and Peter, I don’t know what to say. I am so sorry.  The tears are just pouring down my face. Jeroen was such a brave boy, with a great attitude and sense of humor,  through so much with hemophilia issues.  I hope it comforts you to know that you were good and loving parents to him and I know you enjoyed him every moment.
Please let me know what you may need and if there is anything I can do, I will.      I am so sorry for your great loss.    I will pray for you.
Love from Ellen in USA






Wow, I send my prayers for your family…I am at a loss for words..
this is so traggic…I went to your site and that was a beautiful
memorial you made for your son…He seemed to be such a strong guy to
have battled all he has been through… Someone I would have wanted my
boy to meet.. too look up too… Keep the Lord close during this time
as he will carry you through this greiving period…we will pray for
you and your family…






Dear Karin,
I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been following your son Jeroen’s story for 
years here. What a terrible and shocking tragedy. I’m so sorry, and I’m so 
very sad.
John Vergara,USA





Lieve Karin en Peter

Heel veel sterkte met dit grote verlies

Het treurige nieuws bereikte ons

als een donderslag bij heldere hemel


Onze innige deelneming,

Dennis en Mariella de Knegt





I am so sorry to hear about Jeroen, my thoughts and prayer’s are with you and your family.

Brenda D,USA




Dear Karin,

Words can not express my sadness at reading your post.

I have told my family of your son since I first heard of him when my Jacob was born.

I am mourning his loss and praying for you as you go through this nightmare.

I wish I could wrap my arms around you and comfort you.

Marcie Reynolds,USA



 Dear Karin…

I was so sorry to see your message about Jeroen a few minutes ago. 

I wish you the best in dealing with this tragedy. 

 I know it won’t be easy but keep in mind that all of us are out here thinking about you.

Take care and keep the faith,

Marty Howard,USA



Dear Karin,

We are so sad for you….
Jeroen was such a lovely person  –  all our loving wishes and condolences  –

Laura Chalfin,USA













I am so sorry for your loss. I understand first hand how it feels to
lose a son. There is no pain that even comes close. I will keep you
and your family in my prayers during this difficult time.







I cannot find words.  Please know that my heart and prayers are with you
at this time.




Lieve Karin en Peter,

Tja, wat moeten we zeggen? Gecondoleerd met het verschrikkelijke verlies

van jullie zoon Jeroen.

Woorden, woorden. Niets kan uitdrukking geven aan wat jullie moeten voelen.

We vinden het zo erg.

We wensen jullie alle sterkte in deze moeilijke tijd.


Liefs Ben & Martine Ahrends


Dear Karin and Peter,


I’m truly saddened to hear this news.

My heart goes out special to you Karin.


Gary Marshall,




I am so, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing him with us
through the website. Many, many blessings to you during this time.
I’ve been thinking of you much.

April Bennett,USA




Karin and family–there are no words that can express how very sad I am
while reading this. I looked at the wonderful memorial you put together and
all the time you tracked your sons’ progress through all of his hospital
stays and beyond. Please know that your son will always be remembered for
his bravery and good spirit. He is in a much better place, maybe a place
where he can do greater good for us who need to stay down here to learn.

God Bless your family at this time.







I am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my thoughts and





Karin, I am so sorry for your loss. Of
course….words cannot express these feelings…
You are in our thoughts and prayers,

Maggie Kocienski
mom to Aiden,USA



Karin and Peter,


 I feel very sad.I’m with you and your family.
 You are in our thoughts and prayers,

Bogdan, Poland






I am so sorry for your loss.Been reading your messages for a long time.

I have seen so many in my family go since the 80’s.Again my thoughts

and prayers are with you.

Jeroen was a wonderful boy.               


 Sincerely—C Waters,USA










Hallo Karin en Peter,

Allereerst willen wij jullie condoleren met het verlies van jullie zoon Jeroen;

Ons medeleven gaat dan ook geheel naar jullie uit.

Wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte deze komende tijd.

we doen dit even per email ,

want je zal op dit ogenblik wel even rust willen hebben.

We zullen je de komende tijd even bellen.

Karin en Peter,veel sterkte toegewenst.


Adrie Kuyer en Anja Bokenkamp.






Hi Karin,


I read your email.  I am so sorry to hear about Jeroen passing away. 


I will be thinking about your family.  You are in my prayers.


God bless you,


Andy in Arizona,USA






Dear Karin and Peter,


I want you to know that my love and prayers are sent to you with this post.

The death of Jeroen was deeply sad to me. 

To have Jeroen’s death occur through a head trauma accident 

was hard on both of you I am sure, but the honesty in your

 sharing this is appreciated. It was a blessing that you and his

 two closest friends were with him as he made the transition to the Spirit world.

 I have lit a candle for Jeroen through your site and know that the

 crying rose picture holds a hard truth for you as it does for the whole

 hemophilia community.


My condolences are sent to you with this post, as is my gratitude for

your sharing this most intimate of losses with me and all those in

 the hemophilia community

who have been blessed to know of Jeroen through the many posts

 you have shared online through the years. As a former pastor and hospice

 chaplain I offer you my support in any way I can.

On behalf of myself and the entire COTT community in the United States,

 our deepest condolences to both of you and all who knew Jeroen.


May you feel the Love of God in the midst of your pain.


your friend,


John P.Rider







Lieve jeroen.

Met heel veel plezier denk ik aan ons laatste geprek.

jij gaat vast kinderen met hemofilie helpen vanuit de

 andere demensie waar je nu bent.

Jou kaars zal ik altijd brandende houden .

Ineke en Andy






Deze kaars is aangestoken voor:
Jeroen Harms






Hallo neefbroer, Je bent er nu niet meer… maar
in onze gedachten ben je altijd bij ons en we
zullen je nog veel missen.

Weetje nog waar wij zovaak om hebben gelachen?

dat  Als wij of 1 van ons een geest zou worden(jij nu dus)

 wij stiekum naar een meisjes kleedkamer zouden gaan van een

sportvereniging ofzo en even kijken (net als in Porkie Pikante  Pretpark)

hoe ze douchen, ha ha.

Weet Oenie…We missen je en je was
een speciale jongen, maar we moeten altijd
positief blijven  zei jij.

Ik hoop dat als de dag komt
dat ik ook naar de andere wereld ga, jij daar voor mij
klaar staat jongen en wij weer  gewoon verder gaan waar we

gebleven waren met onze ..jou/mijn humor!





Michael ,

Spanje, nl



Dear Karin and Peter,


I am so sorry.  Words can’t even express. 

He was such a good a loving son and you were such good parents. 

 Just know I feel some of your pain all the way here in the US.


Love and Hugs,

Nancy Bradshawn,









I’m so sorry. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.


Karen (Skylar’s mom),USA



Karin, I dont know what to say, I am in shock. I have spoke with you for many
years through this forum, we talked about many things that affect the life and
the lives of the family of people with hemophilia. All of us have had such a
struggle already but to lose your own child is an event I hope I will never
have to endure and can only imagine what you are going through. Many people
claim that they live most of their lives knowing that something like this may
happen but actually living it is another story.

I am sorry and greatly disturbed by your loss, I know alot of what you have
been through in your life and how much you love Jeroen.

Our loved ones live in our hearts and souls forever,
he has just been taken to a place where he will feel no more pain.

With love,
Kelly Welsh,USA


Deze Wenskaars is aangestoken voor:

Dat we elkaar ooit weer treffen, tot die tijd zal
ik hem nooit vergeten 

Priscilla, Eindhoven,nl










Deze Wenskaars is aangestoken voor:
Jeroen Harms

dat je nu geen pijn meer hoeft te lijden 
Norayma Nicolaas, alkmaar,nl